What's New

Swivelling plastic feet on the bottom of the "Knobs". Once you clamp up the frames, the powder coat remain unmarked. New protectors inside all telescopic joints prevent scratches when sliding back and forward to adjust. Extended telescopic tube to prevent flex when the pedals are fully extended forward.

Supported Wheels

Thrustmaster® T500RS, TH8RS shifter, F1/WRC pedals style, Fanatec® Porsche GT2, GT3, CSR, CSR-Elite, Clubsport Pedals, Shifter Set, Logitech® G25/G27 including shifters.

All way adjustable

All way adjustable to deliver real driving position. Gear shifter mount is applicable both Left side and Right side. Applicable for drivers from 150cm (4'11") up to 200cm (6'67") and weight up to 120kg (264 lbs).